Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy was originally developed as an alternative psychogeographical strategy for exploring an art gallery, initially taking place while on a workshop in Tate Britain in 2013. Through launching a paper arrow-plane, it can lead to an unconventional tour around the gallery by landing in areas we might not normally consider spending time in, for example, empty corners and the spaces between artworks, while also touring the art collection in a random order.

Naturally, the paper arrow-plane can, and should, be employed outside of the gallery context, with anyone being able to use it. It could be used to take you on a drift from your house to work, or on an expedition around a city you have never experienced; the possibilities are infinite.

Flight of Fancy is an instruction manual to build your own paper arrow-plane and take a tour around your chosen environment.

Using the downloadable design, print double-sided and build your paper arrow-plane, then follow these rules:

A. Stand where you would like to begin your tour.
B. Launch your plane!
C. Follow the plane’s flight path
D. View what’s on display here before moving to action e.
E. Continue actions b. – e. until the tour is complete

Right click on the instruction sheet to download a printable copy of Flight of Fancy or click here


Graphic Design by Ksenia Echle