On the Ones

On the Ones is a set of 5 ceramic dice inspired by Yahtzee a dice game that has been a big part of my socialising growing up and equally informative to my practice. The title, On the Ones, is a nod to the riskiest move to play, rolling for five ones. To succeed will earn the player maximum points, to fail will earn the player minimum points.

When purchasing a set of On the Ones, the buyer will roll a single die, the number rolled will correlate to a price to be paid for the set. Each number on the die is assigned a different value: 1 = £25, 2 = £35, 3 = £45, 4 = £55, 5 = £65, 6 = £75.

The repetitive process employed to hand make the dice results in each die being vaguely different from the next. Subsequently, each die is loaded with a slight bias that’s not precisely known. The six sides of each die denote the same value as a common die (1 through 6) but breaking from tradition the pips have been arranged.